The new SMCMBA

SMCMBAThe central portal for Graduate Business Programs,, was recently rebuilt from the ground up. This is the first complete rebuild since the site was launched in 2005, and it features two major changes. First, it is the first site at Saint Mary’s to incorporate a fully mobile template, so that it can be accessed natively from multiple devices – desktop computers, various tablets, and smartphones, among them – and it will reformat itself to display perfectly on the device. Second, a team consisting of faculty and staff have worked hard to maximize the site’s focus on students services. An effort in sustainability, all hardcopy material now appears in electronic form on the site, and it is presented so that it can be accessed with the greatest ease by new and existing students.

When the site was first launched in 2005, it had a membership of twelve students and eight faculty. The site now has a membership of over 1200, and it includes current students , alumni, faculty, and staff. The site hosts nearly fifty courses every quarter, and in January of this year, it reached 100 percent use by the faculty who teach graduate students. The site is host to SEBA’s two online programs, the Hybrid Executive MBA and the recently-launched M.S. in Accounting, and it is the umbrella site for the national EMBA Tech Conference as well as the Western Casewriters’ Association.  For more information on or its associate sites, please contact Dr. Barry Eckhouse, SEBA’s Director of Technology and Online Programs.