In the Core Curriculum

Theology & Religious Studies (TRS) courses are an integral part of a Saint Mary's College education.

The three traditions of the College (Catholic, Liberal Arts, and Lasallian) come vividly to expression in Theology & Religious Studies coursework, and the TRS Department plays an integral part in the College's educational mission through its important contributions to the Core Curriculum at Saint Mary's College. 

The TRS Department introduces all students to focused and analytical study of the Christian scriptures, and offers a wide range of fascinating upper division courses in various sub-fields of theology and religious studies from which students can choose as they complete the requirements of the Core Curriculum.

Core Curriculum Requirements and Learning Outcomes:

For Current SMC Students

For New Students (beginning in the Fall of 2012 [i.e., starting with the class of 2016])

Interested in pursuing further TRS coursework?

Students often find that they are fascinated by what they learn in their TRS classes. If you have found yourself enjoying your TRS coursework, the TRS Department encourages you to consider a major or minor in Theology & Religious Studies. The TRS major and minor are flexible programs that allow students to construct a course of study suited to their special interests, and the interdisciplinary nature of TRS coursework means that these programs can be a perfect complement to other disciplinary study (e.g., a TRS major often works well for students wishing to complete a double major). If you are interested in a TRS major or minor, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Tom Poundstone.
Chair, Theology & Religious Studies Department

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