Theology Unplugged!

On selected evenings, from 5:45-7:15pm, various TRS faculty members eagerly gather in the Mission and Ministry Center lounge with TRS majors and minors—and any interested members of the SMC community—to talk about a fascinating array of topics relevant to theology and religious studies. Come and check it out!

On special evenings each semester, all members of the campus community are invited to join TRS faculty members and students for free food and great conversation. We call it "Theology Unplugged!" Each evening will be devoted to a particular topic of interest -- pertaining to issues of theology, religious studies, faith, the Church, the Bible, social justice, ethics, and so forth -- all in a low-key, comfortable, fun environment. No preparation is necessary, no questions are out of bounds, no tests will be given, and no papers assigned. Jump right in, or just's all the fun of TRS, with none of the homework! Whatever your style, everyone is invited. Join us, and find out what all the buzz is about.

Here is the Fall 2013 Theology Unplugged schedule:

Wednesday, September 25 -- Opening Welcome Party!
Wednesday, October 23 -- A Conversation with Professor Michael Barram -- "'You Cannot Serve God and Wealth': Wrestling with Biblical Economic Values"
Wednesday, November 20 -- A Conversation with Professor Zach Flanagin -- "The Apocalypse 2000 Years Later: Why Should Christians Care?"

Several of the members of the TRS Department faculty gathered for a photo after a recent all-faculty dinner at which Norrie Palmer, David Gentry-Akin, and Paul Giurlanda were honored for their many years of continuing service to the college. (Left to right: Tom Poundstone, Michael Barram, Paul Giurlanda, Zach Flanagin, Norrie Palmer)