Course Offerings - Spring 2014

Curious about which TRS classes are planned for the Spring?

Lower Division

TRS 97: The Bible and Its Interpretation

Upper Division

Christian History

TRS 101: Origins of Christianity


TRS 110: The Bible and Its Interpretation (for transfers entering SMC with at least 16 credits)

TRS 115: Jesus and His Teaching 

Contemporary Christian Thought

TRS 121: Belief and Unbelief

TRS 123: Sex and the Spirit

TRS 126: Theology of Creation

TRS 128: Theology of the Trinity

Sacraments and Spirituality

TRS 132: Sexuality, Marriage and Family


TRS 142: Medical Ethics

World Religions

TRS 151: Judaism: Beliefs and Practices

TRS 195: Buddhism (Intensive Inquiry course)**

Religion and Culture

TRS 160-03: Sustainability, Religion, Spirituality

TRS 163: Saints, Yesterday and Today

TRS 169: Theory and Method in the Study of Religion

TRS 173: The Virgin Mary

Quarter Credit Courses

TRS 13: Meditation and Prayer Techniques (.25 credit)

TRS 18: Listening to Life: Living Lasallian II (.25 credit)

TRS 168: Christian Art and Architecture: Rome (.25 credit)

**Each semester, the TRS Department designates one class as an “Intensive Inquiry” course. These classes, targeted especially toward TRS majors and minors, are designed to offer students who have already taken two or more Theology & Religious Studies classes an opportunity to pursue particular areas of study in a more focused and in-depth manner than is usually possible in regular TRS coursework.