New Core Curriculum

Beginning in the fall of 2012 (with the class of 2016), entering students will need to complete coursework that meets the learning outcomes corresponding to the "Theological Understanding" Learning Goal in the Core Curriculum. Most of the courses meeting these learning outcomes will be offered by the Theology & Religious Studies Department. 

Theological Understanding

Learning Goal: Through the study of religious texts, traditions, rituals, history, and human experience, students will engage in an academic exploration of religion and theology. They will join in an exploration of God, humankind, and the world as expressed in the Catholic and other religious traditions. Students will appreciate the social, cultural, ethical, and theological implications that such questions have for how we should live both individually and as a community.

Christian Foundations Learning Outcomes: Students will

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of major texts and themes of the Bible, including major theological and interpretive principles central to the Catholic tradition   with attention to their social, cultural, ethical and/or theological implications; and
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of basic methods and tools used in scholarly interpretation of biblical texts; and
  3. Demonstrate an ability to read biblical texts in light of relevant contextual factors (e.g., historical, cultural, literary, theological).

Theological Explorations: Students will

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of one or more aspects of Christian tradition and/or another religious tradition or traditions, acquired through focused study in a sub-field of theology or religious studies; and
  2. Demonstrate an ability to explore religious questions from a believer s point of reference and from the critical perspective of the academy.

Interested in pursuing further TRS coursework?

Students often find that they are fascinated by what they learn in their TRS classes. If you have found yourself enjoying your TRS coursework, the TRS Department encourages you to consider a major or minor in Theology & Religious Studies. The TRS major and minor are flexible programs that allow students to construct a course of study suited to their special interests, and the interdisciplinary nature of TRS coursework means that these programs can be a perfect complement to other disciplinary study (e.g., a TRS major often works well for students wishing to complete a double major). If you are interested in a TRS major or minor, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Tom Poundstone, Chair
Theology & Religious Studies Department

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