Major Learning Outcomes

What can I expect to learn as a TRS Major? 

Learning Outcomes for Theology & Religious Studies Majors

As part of the program, TRS majors will meet learning outcomes in three areas (Core Curriculum; Content; and Skills). Specifically, TRS majors will . . .

CORE CURRICULUM ("Theological Understanding")

1. Meet the learning outcomes for both "Christian Foundations"* and "Theological Explorations"** of the Saint Mary's College Core Curriculum:


2. Demonstrate an understanding of the Christian theological tradition through an exploration of specific topics in theology and the Bible;

3. Demonstrate an understanding of how Christian thought and/or practice has developed in a specific historical period;

4. Demonstrate an understanding of the worldview (e.g., beliefs, practices, etc.) of a non-Christian religious tradition; 

5. Demonstrate an understanding of the implications of the Catholic concept of the fundamental dignity of the human person;


6. Demonstrate an ability to employ contemporary theories and methods of theology and/or religious studies in analyzing religious beliefs, texts, and/or practices;

7. Demonstrate an ability to explain, analyze, and evaluate multiple informed perspectives in debates about theological and ethical issues;

8. Demonstrate an ability to evaluate the interplay between religion and social, cultural, and/or political phenomena.


*The "Christian Foundations" learning outcomes are met in TRS 97: "The Bible and Its Interpretation."

**The "Theological Explorations" learning outcomes are met repeatedly in upper-division TRS coursework.

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