Through the Looking Glass at the LGBTQIA Community’s Cultural Night

With a “Cinderfella” skit and an Alice-in-Wonderland theme, The Bash: Through the Looking Glass concluded


the Spring Term’s series of Cultural Nights. Put on by the LGBTQIA community, the crowded event featured student spoken-word performances, a video compilation and an all-inclusive dance at the end.

Organized differently from other Cultural Nights, the Bash was set up theater-style in the Soda Center with a reception before and after the event. Students decorated the Soda Center with playing cards and other Alice-in-Wonderland mementos like large flowers and small bottles. Like many of the other Cultural Nights, the student performances ranged from serious to lighthearted. Students’ spoken-word performances included detailed and often serious reflections into personal experiences as members or allies of the LGBTQIA community.

“I will continue to be an ally until people look in the mirror and realize that ignorance is no longer bliss,” said Katie Tyler in “A Letter to a Friend,” which recounted her experiences having a best friend who is a member of the LGBTQIA community.

In addition to the spoken words, the cast also showed a video compilation of Saint Mary’s students and people at San Francisco’s Pride Parade sharing words and symbols of love and acceptance for the LGBTQIA community––the simplest yet most memorable of which is the equal sign, now a nationwide symbol for the LGBTQIA community.

One of the more popular performances of the night was the “Cinderfella” skit that parodied the traditional Cinderella fairytale. With a man playing Cinderella, an over-the-top portrayal of the ugly stepsisters and lively dances, this performance made the night more upbeat by getting the entire audience laughing. The celebratory feel of the evening continued until the very end, where the entire student cast and many audience members danced on stage.