To all members of the Saint Mary's College Community,

Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students,

As we approach the end of Lent, the celebration of Easter and the Easter break, I wish all of you a holy and restful experience. I would also like to call your attention to a number of significant events that are on our calendar in the weeks following Easter.

De La Salle Week will take place from April 23 through April 30. Among the many events planned for the week are the Liturgy with Sacraments of Initiation on Sunday, April 23, the College Convocation on Tuesday, April 25, and the Carnival for Kids on Friday, April 28. When you return to campus after Easter break, you will notice the posters and calendars giving details of all the De La Salle Week activities. I personally invite all faculty, staff, and students to attend as many events as possible, including the Convocation on Tuesday from 11:30 to 1:00pm in the Chapel to hear the inspiring story of the formation of the San Miguel School model and to honor its co-founder, Brother Edmund Siderewicz, FSC.

The Campus Climate Survey will be conducted from April 24 through May 5. I encourage all to participate in this important effort to survey how we live out our Christian values of respect and support for all persons in our community and to assist us in finding ways to more fully live these values.

I have been encouraged by the diligent work of the Celebrating Diversity Committee as they have been meeting with a variety of constituency groups across campus. Among other items of action, they are planning to set up a website to post agendas and minutes of their meetings as well as to host a blackboard discussion forum. This committee is only one of many groups and individuals among faculty, staff and students, too numerous to name, who have been hard at work this Spring semester to forward our educational mission. So I offer congratulations to all for their efforts.

Knowing full well how rushed we will be in completing the semester, I again wish all of you a restful and regenerating Easter break.

In Saint La Salle,

Brother Ronald Gallagher, FSC