Top 5 Reasons to Stay Connected to SMC

By Chris Carter, Associate Director of Alumni Relations

One of the greatest challenges for many colleges is alumni engagement.

Staying connected to Saint Mary’s can be rewarding for both an alum and the institution in many ways. The vitality of the College relies on the goodwill of its current and past constituents, not just financially, but also in contributing to the mission by advising, teaching, working for and supporting an environment where students can grow academically, socially and spiritually.

In return, alumni can continue the journey they began during their time in and outside the classroom and benefit from a lifelong relationship with Saint Mary’s. You might be surprised to learn that SMC has accurate phone numbers for less than half of our total alumni population, and e-mail addresses for less than a quarter. All contact information is self-reported so please, remember the next time you update your address, phone or e-mail to notify the College.

Here are several great reasons to stay in touch with SMC:

  1. The monthly e-newsletter, SMC Update, features stories about the College and its alumni, and has links to Gael Glimpses, special alumni events, SMC desktop wallpaper, graduate program information and special alumni offers.
  2. The opportunity to attend chapter events in your area where you can network with alumni and develop new friendships with other Gaels.
  3. You can learn about career opportunities, stay connected to classmates and view event photos at the online community, Jerome.
  4. You’ll stay connected to your Lasallian roots by taking advantage of volunteer opportunities offered by the Alumni Relations office.
  5. The Saint Mary’s family would not be complete without the engagement of the alumni.

If you’re not receiving e-mails, phone calls or invitations from the College, please contact the Alumni Relations office at (800) 800-ALUM to add your name so you can continue your relationship with Saint Mary’s.