Toward the Sesquicentennial

Story by Tom Bruce

During De La Salle Week a Gael plays with a potenital future Gael.

These are exciting times to be a Gael. Your College is embarking on an ambitious path to unifying all of our community — past, present and future — toward the high-water mark of the 150th anniversary of Saint Mary's College.

The vision is to celebrate a happy, thriving and prosperous team of Gaels who recognize that SMC is a unique and embracing environment. The three primary goals will be to continue to make the College affordable, to recognize our own unique living of the Lasallian principles that have so profoundly affected us all, and to continue to celebrate and attract all of us to participate in remembering, sharing and projecting the special nature of our "common shared life experience" in Moraga.

We will accomplish this by working hard as stewards of the College, embracing the leadership of our president and his administration. This coming year will include a fun and exhilarating Homecoming celebration, along with a multitude of alumni events throughout the entire country. This past year, we awarded two Lasallian Scholarships for the first time, and we plan through our major spring event to award more scholarships as our endowment grows.

Your Alumni Board is working hard to develop a five-year plan that parallels the Colleges plans so we are all working and winning together. Each of you will be asked to participate in the College's mission to educate the less fortunate through 100 percent participation in the Annual Fund. As SMC's legendary coach Slip Madigan said in 1930, "Who will fight for old Saint Mary's?" The answer rings true...all of us!