Town Hall Meeting Raises Awareness of Sustainability at Saint Mary’s

Town hall meetingA Town Hall meeting in the Soda Center last week raised awareness about sustainability initiatives at Saint Mary’s and elicited lots of good suggestions about what the College can do to become a more “green” campus. 

The event was organized by the Associated Students of SMC and Project Green, and Lindsay Fukui, senior class vice president, moderated the meeting.

Fukui provided a fact sheet to raise awareness about issues concerning water use, recycling, and sustainable food practices at Saint Mary’s. The attendees discussed bottled water vs. tap water and recycling, and Fukui provided information on the biodigester, which converts Oliver Hall food waste into energy, and the Legacy Garden, where students and other campus community members pitch in to grow fresh, organic food.

Scott Logan, the sustainability representative from the Facilities Department spoke with students about water and waste issues and received their input. Other faculty and staff representatives who participated included Jim Sciuto, associate dean of students; Julie Welch, Legacy Garden coordinator, Bill Sullivan, director of scheduling and promotions; and Steve Woolpert, dean of the School of Liberal Arts.

The next step will be to provide the student input to the campus Sustainability Committee. In conjunction with Project Green, Residence Life, and Facilities, the organizers hope to clarify what can and cannot be recycled and make that information available to students so a larger percentage of campus waste can be recycled.