Track Review: Black Dog by Led Zeppelin

John Paul Jones(bass), and John Bonham(drums) have absolute perfect timing on this song. This is one of the tightest rhythm sections that ever walked the planet, and this might be one of the best examples of how dead-on-balls accurate they were capable of being. Bonham’s kick drum swings with anvil force around Jones’ dexterous bass line. Jimmy Page’s guitar pronounces itself, fat with menace, drawing hazardous and perfectly balanced symmetry.   Bobby Plant’s vocal crooning’s echo out across the audience like a cannibal chorus wailing in the infernal light of a savage fertility ritual. He matches the bands intensity with fierceness during the “Oh YEAH, oh YEAH, OH, HUH, HUH,” then ushers the same beast in with delicacy during “I gotta walk, can’t stand still, got a flamin’ heart, can’t get my fill.”

Make sure your bass is turned up all the way, you are wearing headphones, and you are paying very close attention, with the highest possible volume at 3:27.

Corey Fedor
KSMC General Manager