Twinsanity Is Live

From left to right: Ava Gambero, Alexa Gambero, Morgan Faulkner, Cheyanne Faulkner.On Thursday nights, when the Chapel bells chime eight times above Ferroggiaro Quad, the KSMC station buzzes with excitement as another broadcast is about to go live. While there are just two microphones in the station, this particular show always has to pull up a couple of extra chairs, but for good reason. The station has seen its share of broadcasts such as sports radio, music-based shows, or even talk shows, but over the past four years KSMC has been the home to a certain unprecedented show, Twinsanity.

While broadcasting your own radio show is fun, sharing it with your identical twin (or even another set of twins) is double the fun. Cheyanne Faulkner, Morgan Faulkner, Alexa Gambero, and Ava Gambero (all class of 2017) are the faces behind the KSMC show, Twinsanity. Throughout the past four years, these two sets of identical twins and current roommates have been an active part of the KSMC community. As for how the show began, “Ava and Alexa had a radio show of their own first semester of freshman year, then there was the idea of both sets of sisters doing a show together, the name came about, and the rest is history,” said Cheyanne.

The foursome, active members for four years, say that one of their favorite parts about hosting Twinsanity has been serving as DJs for different events on campus. DJing for SMC StrEATs, the food truck event on campus, and the annual 5k Run/Walk for Hunger have been some exciting highlights for the twins. During the first few semesters of participating in KSMC, it was inspiring for the twins to see the upperclassmen so invested in KSMC, especially the general managers. “Seeing how much work is actually put forth in order to run a station successfully was eye-opening,” Ava said. Talking to others on campus, learning about their musical tastes, and discovering new music through classmates is another benefit of the radio job.

When it comes to music tastes, many of the mashups featured on the show are from the Faulkner sisters, while some of the artists, such as Beyoncé, are contributed by the Gambero sisters. But as for how they discover their music, they get it from a secret source that helps them create playlists that appeal to their listeners. While the twins have kept this source a secret over the past four years, they revealed it during their last broadcast in May. Besides listening to Twinsanity’s well-crafted playlists, listeners can often catch them switching up the theme of the show every week, such as picking the order of songs out of a fishbowl, or dedicating a week to their favorite throwbacks. Fans can find the twins active on Twitter during their show at @TwinsanityKSMC, reminding their followers that it’s time to tune in, interacting with their listeners via tweets, and taking shoutouts for song requests.

KSMC is advised by Communication Department professor, Ed Tywoniak ’75, who broadcast his own radio show at KSMC as an undergrad. Ever since his days as an SMC student, Tywoniak has been an active part of KSMC. From helping the station move to its home above Ferroggiaro Quad or accompanying the executive team to New York for the annual Intercollegiate Broadcasting System conference, Tywoniak helps guide KSMC.

Looking around the KSMC station, it looks like a typical college radio station. The legacy of past and present DJs is visible through the posters and stickers showcasing some favorite bands throughout the years, such as Weezer, The Beatles, and Nirvana. Some of the stickers covering the door to the booth are worn, hiding behind newer, fresher ones, but these additions give KSMC its distinct character. Although there is nostalgic history all around the studio, KSMC actually got its start earlier than the height of The Beatles or The Who. In the late 1940s, KSMC was founded by a group of physics majors who got a radio transmitter from a local radio station and broadcast to the College. In 1973, KSMC started broadcasting on the radio station where KSMC still lives today, 89.5 FM. Around 2004, KSMC switched to digital broadcasting, allowing anyone across the world with internet access the chance to listen to live broadcasts at

While not everyone is an identical twin, any student on campus can host their own radio show. KSMC is one of the many clubs on campus that students can get involved in and welcomes interested students in all majors. The four twins agree that joining the KSMC family has been an important part of their college experience. From learning new skills (such as using the soundboard in the booth) to dabbling in the entertainment industry, KSMC offered many opportunities they did not know were possible.

As soon at the Chapel bells chime nine times each Thursday night, Twinsanity signs off and the station goes silent. But even if there is no show in session, the familiar faces of the favorite bands throughout the years covering the walls conjure up nostalgic tunes, filling the space with memories of DJs past and present.