Under the Lights - Joe Legaz '04

Joe Legaz '04Joe Legaz ’04 is no stranger to large events.

He has worked Taylor Swift concerts, Wrestlemania, two World Series and even got drenched during Game 7 of the 2012 National League Championship Series at AT&T Park. But this year, he will be organizing one of the bigger moments in the biggest game of the year: the trophy presentation at Super Bowl 50.

“The NFL brings in a production company to put on Super Bowl,” he said about his role at the Super Bowl. “I’m basically assigned to lead a team of five people and assist in fewer productions. I have the postgame celebration, get everyone on stage.”

Legaz has been the San Francisco 49ers’ manager of game day entertainment since May 2014 and has been working up to this moment for years.

He spent seven years with the San Francisco Giants as their manager of marketing and entertainment, which included the 2010 and 2012 World Series runs. He was turning into a baseball lifer, having worked in the sport since the age of 16. His move to Santa Clara was a new opportunity to grow.

“I knew baseball in and out and I looked at it at how I could move forward in my career,” Legaz said. “Being able to be a part of all these other events, work with the best people in the business and do something different. I think I’m much more versed. For my career, it was a great opportunity to expand and grow.”

The growth included caring for the 49ers’ new facility, Levi’s Stadium.

“It’s a blessing and a curse in a way,” Legaz said about the opening of Levi’s Stadium. “We have a very unique opportunity to start from scratch… keeping the good traditions and start new traditions.”

"The Faithful"“We had to learn about all the unique quirks. From May until September, when we had our opening game, it was working until 1 a.m. just to get everything up and running. It was 10-11 hours everyday that first season just to do the basics. We were able to elevate this season.”

He has also taken up the mantle of being a producer of 49ers studios, which included the season-long show, The Faithful, and it is here where he found his most rewarding experience.

Tyler Robinson, a lifelong 49ers fan, had been diagnosed with cancer at 16 and was also a huge fan of the band, Imagine Dragons. Tyler’s older brother, Jesse, Facebook messaged the band about his brother and that they would be at their show in Utah. It struck a chord with the band and an instant connection was made through their 49ers fandom. After Tyler’s passing in 2013, the band and others got even more involved to eventually create the Tyler Robinson Foundation, which helps to support families with cancer patients.

“Imagine Dragons started a foundation for Pediatric cancer. They and Tyler are die-hard 49ers fans. Steve Young got involved. They were part of the same big family, how the 49ers have been woven into this fantastic story… it was incredibly rewarding.”

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