Alumni Endorsement Application

Over the past two years, more than 1,000 undergraduate applications have been endorsed by alumni like you. Thank you!

Admitted students who apply using this application enroll at a much higher rate than those who submit a regular application. You play an important role in recruiting future Gaels, and we encourage you to use the Alumni Endorsement Application waiver to help direct the next class of outstanding students to the Moraga Valley.

When encouraging students to apply, please direct them to:

  1. Select "Alumni Recommendation" under the school-specific fee waiver under the "General" section of the Saint Mary's question section of the Common Application.
  2. In the corresponding box the student will then list your name and graduation year.

Identifying you as their alumni endorsement saves them the $55 application fee. Please note the freshman application deadline for early action is November 15th and the regular decision deadine is January 15th.


Please note: While the Alumni Endorsement is important and valuable, it does not guarantee a student's admission to the College