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Endorse a Future Gael's Application!

You have the opportunity to help recruit future Gaels by directing students to use the Alumni Endorsement Application waiver. This will help the next class of outstanding students come to Saint Mary’s. 

When encouraging students to apply, please direct them to:

  1. Select “Alumni Recommendation” under the school-specific fee waiver under the "General" section of the Saint Mary's question section of the Common Application.
  2. Ask the student to include your name and graduation year (i.e. Ardi Samonte, 2016).

Identifying you as their alumni sponsor saves them the $60 application fee (at no cost to you).

  • Please note our upcoming Early Action first-year deadline of November 15 assures students an answer by Christmas.
  • Our Regular Decision first-year application deadline is January 15, assuring students a response by the end of April. 
  • We also encourage you to nominate prospective transfer students for either the Spring semester (January 1 deadline) or for the Fall semester (July 1 preferred consideration deadline).

Annually, many enrolling students indicate that the primary reason that they applied was due to encouragement by Gael Alumni who shared how much they loved their Saint Mary's experience. Please take advantage of this opportunity to help sustain this powerful tradition. Should you have any questions about this option, or concerning other ways you can help support the admissions effort, we welcome the chance to talk with you.

Please note: While the Alumni Endorsement is important and valuable, it does not guarantee a student's admission to the College