High Potential Program

Saint Mary's is committed to helping students become first-generation college graduates. Our High Potential Program provides support to students as they transition to a rigorous academic college environment.


As a first-generation college student (neither parent has completed a college degree), you are eligible to apply for the High Potential Program's Summer Academic Institute for Leaders & Scholars (SAILS).  Over two weeks in the summer, you'll be able to:

  • take Saint Mary's classes
  • live in the residences halls (eat at the dining commons),
  • conduct research with SMC faculty
  • learn about academic and social resources on campus

...and of course make and amazing HP Family along the way!

You'll also get 1/4 college credit toward graduation (this gives you freedom to select more courses during your four years here).

Applicants for HP SAILS will need to be admitted to Saint Mary’s through the traditional undergraduate admissions process prior to being considered for the program.

To see if you or a particular student you know is appropriate for the program, please contact us:

Pedro Ramirez

Assistant Director of Admissions

Coordinator of Multicultural Recruitment

(925) 631-4930


Lien Truong

High Potential Program, Assistant Director

(925) 631-4165


Tarik Scott

High Potential Program, Director

(925) 631-4751