Why Study at SMC?

Of the hundreds of reasons students choose Saint Mary’s, yours is the most important.

Rooted in Lasallian tradition, forward thinking and academically rigorous, we strike a balance.


Quality Education

Saint Mary's has more than 50 majors—from accounting to women's and gender studies (and everything in between). Beyond traditional coursework, our January Term, and Living Learning Communities encourage students to explore their interests in unexpected ways.

You thought you wanted to be an art historian, but found your passion in marine biology during a night dive in Hawaii with your Jan Term travel writing class? We know, we see it all the time.


January Term

Annually, in the month of January, our students embrace their interests—Whether it's doing community development projects the Brasilian Amazon, transforming lives in the Bay Area, or finding empathy and understanding through firsthand experiences.


Collegiate Seminar

Anchoring the Saint Mary’s Liberal Arts Program is Collegiate Seminar, an uncommon immersion in the great books. Hey, where else are you going to find a math teacher facilitating a discussion on Freud? And what you get out of it might surprise you.


Student Life

Gael Force. Phone booths. Wednesday BBQs. Retreats. Organic student-run gardening. Plus a million other things that make SMC special. Bringing it all together is our mantra of inclusive excellence where every unique and diverse viewpoint has a place to shine.



We’re proud to count among our alumni championship athletes, culinary entrepreneurs, critically acclaimed dancers, and even an Oscar Award Winning Actor—you may have heard of him, Mahershala Ali. The diverse journey of our alumni exemplifies the way a liberal arts college educates the mind, body, and spirit. The point is—the foundation you build at Saint Mary’s can take you anywhere.



And let’s not forget: location, location, location! Our serene campus is just minutes from the hustle and bustle of San Francisco and just steps from some of the most beautiful hiking and biking around. It’s the best of both worlds. You’re gonna love it.

Intrigued? Visit campus and experience our community.

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