International Educational System Guidelines


Saint Mary’s welcomes those applicants who have an International Baccalaureate Diploma and many applicants are granted degree credit upon being accepted. 

Successful applicants for admission typically have scores 4 in each of the six IB subject areas, with successful applicants typically having aggregate scores of 30 or higher. In general, students with "higher level" courses and examinations have been deemed to be eligible for course credit and advanced standing with scores of 5, 6, or 7. "Subsidiary/standard" courses will not ordinarily be recognized for credit.

IB Diploma recipients applying for admission to Saint Mary’s should complete at least three higher level subjects out of the six total. Saint Mary’s does not require the extended essay score; however, should applicants complete this portion of the IB curriculum those points will be added to their aggregate scores. Initial admissions decisions will be based upon interim grades reported by the secondary school. Accepted applicants are required to submit final copies of their IB result to confirm completion of the program. It is important to provide all secondary school documents as admission decisions may be conjunction with partial IB credit, along with graduation granted from other coursework competed.