Dylan Jennings '21

"Don't look for happiness, create it"



Dylan Jennings


Atwater, CA


Business Administration


I am a Student Ambassador on campus and I am also involved with the Saint Mary's Club Lacrosse team.

Thought provoking Collegiate Seminar reading:

My favorite Seminar book is probably the Odyssey. I really like Greek mythology so I like reading texts about the Gods and how they interact with people in the world.

Best January Term Experience: 

My favorite Jan Term experience probably has to be participating in my first-year Jan Term class. I took a course called Leveling Up and it was a lot of fun playing video games and then discussing the structure of the game, the story, and whether or not video games could be considered literature.

Favorite Thing to do on the Weekends: 

On weekends I like to spend time with friends. This can include anything such as playing basketball or relaxing after a long week of classes.