Geoff Geissinger '21

"Start each day with a positive thought"


Geoff Geissinger '20


San Diego, CA


Theatre Performance and Theatre Studies


I'm currently a KSMC DJ, a Gael Force member, Gael Gaming member, and a member of the theatre cohort.

Thought provoking Collegiate Seminar Reading:

My favorite seminar book is Nicomachean Ethics as I enjoy dissecting the merit and value of trying to define lofty ideas like happiness, goodness, and friendship.

Best January Term Experience: 

My favorite Jan Term experience was taking Game On: Narrative at Play, a class about narrative role-playing games, with Deanna Zibello. At the same time, I was rehearsing scenes for Irene Ryan scholarship competition before traveling to Arizona for KCACTF.

Favorite thing to do on the weekends: 

I love driving up to Grizzly Peak with my convertible top down then record shopping in Berkeley.