Deferral & Reactivate Process

Then, Now, and Later; No matter when, SMC has your back! At SMC we understand that timing is important for our students. If you need to defer your acceptance, we understand and hope to see you on campus soon! If you have put your application on hold, and are ready to reactivate and submit it, please see the next steps below; Welcome Back!
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Deferring Your Application

If you would like to defer your application and/or enrollment to Saint Mary's College for a future term, please fill out the Defer Your Application Form linked below. Once you have submitted your deferral application form, a $300 enrollment deposit will automatically be added to your applicant portal and you will receive an email reminding you of the required deferral fee. Once you have submitted your deferral payment, you will receive an email confirming your deferred status. If you have already submitted your enrollment deposit, please fill out the Defer Your Application Form. Your enrollment deposit will be carried over to your desired start term.

When deferring your application, you are granted up to two semesters (excluding January Term and summer) of eligibility for enrollment with the submission of a non-refundable enrollment deposit. If you plan to attend SMC anytime after those two semesters, you will need to reapply. 

Deferred students will be able to maintain their initially offered merit-based scholarship(s) but will need to refile their FASFA for the new academic year and may be eligible for an updated need-based aid package. First-year students are prohibited from taking additional courses at another institution in order to maintain their merit-based scholarship. Courses taken at another institution may result in students being reclassified as a transfer student.

DEFER your application

Reactivate Your Application

Students who have submitted an application are eligible to reapply to SMC for up to two years after their initial application term. Due to our practice of holding supplemental application material for two years, students will only need to submit their reactivation form and any documentation of additional coursework. If students applied more than two years after their initial application term, they will need to fill out a new application. 

No fee is required to reactivate. Reactivation allows you to re-apply with your original application and send in updated information as needed. As part of the reapplication process, students are re-evaluated for admissions and scholarship consideration. 

If you have previously applied to Saint Mary's College and would like to reactivate your application, please fill out the Reactivate Your Application Form linked below.

Reactivate your application