Virtual Tours of Campus Housing

See below for virtual tours of four of our residence halls that capture the variety of housing we offer at Saint Mary's College:

Student Testimonials:

Diana Carey - Syufy 
“I really like my townhouse-style residence hall. I like the community that the layout creates. I also have enjoyed learning to cook with my roommates in our kitchen and having movie nights with my friends in our living room. I’ve started my own collection of cooking equipment which will help me when I move into an apartment after graduation!”

Kate Perdue - First-Year
“I had an amazing first year-living situation. It was so wonderful and welcoming and became a haven for me to return to after a long day of classes. Everyone's doors were always open, making it easy to walk around and make friends. Our RA would make treats for us every Monday night, allowing us to gather outside of her room and talk about our day, weekend, and classes. It was an amazing way to create community and feel at home while I made that transition from high school to college."

Sarah Shaughnessy - Claeys North
“Living in a second-year residence hall is one of the highlights of my college experience so far. Suite Style housing is great because I have the opportunity to form a tight-knit group with my suitemates. Such a bond is something that I would never trade for the world. I will have the best memories of living on campus during my second year! Thanks, Saint Mary's!”

Residence Hall Room Style Student Type
Augustine Traditional Room First-Year
Claeys North Suite Style (No Kitchen) Sophomore, Junior, Senior
Syufy Townhouse (Kitchen) Junior, Senior
Ageno East Townhouse (Kitchen) Junior, Senior

If you'd like to view more virtual tour options for first-year, sophomore and junior and senior housing, please visit the Campus Housing page