Cap and Gown Information

The Commencement Office and the SMC Bookstore work together to order your cap & gown.  There is no need fro you to order this.  Remember this is included in your graduation fee.

Caps, Gowns & Hoods

All participants in the Undergraduate Commencement ceremony MUST wear a graduation cap with tassel, a black academic gown and the appropriate academic hood.  

Caps and gowns will be available for pick up at the SMC Bookstore on Wednesday, May 14th and Thursday, May 15th, during regular Bookstore hours. You need to go to the Registrar's office first to get an approval slip before you go to the Bookstore. Once at the Bookstore, tell them your height, and they will give you the right size. You do not need to tell them your size in advance. You will also recieve an e-mail from the Commencement Office with these instructions the week before the pick-up dates.

All official graduation attire is yours to keep after the Commencement Ceremony.