Up-to-Date Equipment Needed for School of Science

In order to stay on the cutting edge, our School of Science needs to have the necessary equipment. Professor Emeritus Phil Leitner has interviewed faculty in all departments of the School of Science and has assembled an updated list of equipment needs.

Examples of needed items include:

  • Flow cytometer (Biology)
  • EEG Wireless Recording System, including computers for data processing (Psychology)
  • Advanced Computational Laboratory (Physics)
  • Sets of Telescopes, CCD Cameras, Video Cameras, and Spectrographs (Astronomy)

One of the greatest needs is a High Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer for the Chemistry Department.

The College has also established an endowment for the purchase and maintenance of equipment. Thanks to a matching gift by Dr. Karl Beutner ’71 and his wife, Mary, the endowment is nearing $200,000. Contributions are welcome. 

If you or your company/business can help the School of Science with any of these needs, please contact Ron Turner in the Development Office at (925) 631-4356.