Update On Campus Safety Initiatives

Dear Saint Mary's College Community,

The tragic events at Virginia Tech have prompted a national dialogue about student safety and the importance of campus emergency response plans. Since last year, a campus emergency preparedness working group led by Public Safety Director Bill Foley has been evaluating our own disaster preparedness plans. Emergency response building coordinators have been appointed and are meeting regularly, and we have been coordinating our efforts with those of local fire and police agencies.

In light of recent events, we are taking steps to further address the safety needs of the Saint Mary's campus community. In February, we joined with local emergency response agencies in engaging a consulting group to advise us on emergency preparedness and response issues. This ongoing joint effort will help us identify and implement other appropriate safety measures and broaden our collective abilities and readiness to deal with any future emergencies that might arise.

Bill Foley will report in coming weeks on specific plan enhancements and educational opportunities for students, faculty and staff.

In St. La Salle,

Brother Ronald Gallagher