Update on CCIE Activities

With the completion of the fall 2012 term, I wanted to share with the community some of the work that the College Committee on Inclusive Excellence (CCIE) has accomplished and/or set in motion for the upcoming semester.

It has been over four years since CCIE was formed to “foster a safe and inclusive community” (CCIE vision statement) at Saint Mary’s. To share the headway that has been made in the area of inclusive excellence, the committee produced a report highlighting the efforts and the progress the faculty, staff and students have made in transforming the climate at the College. The report, “The Path to Inclusion: College Committee on Inclusive Excellence, 2008-2012,” recognizes and celebrates what has been accomplished as we work toward creating an inclusive community. If you have not already done so, I would encourage everyone to review the report. A copy is available on the CCIE web site and the attachment at the end of this message; hard copies are available in the Office of College Communications.

The new subcommittee structure is proving to be effective at focusing the talents and energy of the CCIE members. Below are some of the efforts currently underway with each of the subcommittees.

Talent Management: The subcommittee is reviewing recommended best practices of inclusive recruiting and hiring through the early identification of campus managers who might have the need to hire new staff in the near future. Furthermore, campus-wide research and data will be collected to ascertain the diversity in the on-campus personnel representation as well as to explore the potential for mobility with on-campus positions.

Communication: A new iteration of the CCIE web page is currently under construction with an anticipated rollout in the middle of February.

Budget: A new online funding request form is being tested and will be available on the new CCIE web page. In the meantime, funding requests continue to be reviewed and the CCIE has awarded over $15,000 to various on-campus initiatives and professional development. A full list of the awards will be available on the revamped CCIE web page.

Learning & Organizational Capability: Based on the recommendation of the subcommittee, the CCIE unanimously endorsed the development of a Phase II of the Campus of Difference program. Additional activities are being planned that will utilize the themes from “Start, Stop, Continue” comments received from the Campus of Difference participants.

WASC: The subcommittee continues to work to support the WASC reaccreditation process.

As evidenced by this work, the CCIE has been leading the efforts to create an inclusive community but it happens because of the commitment of all members of the Saint Mary’s community: faculty, staff and students. I appreciate all that you have done and continue to do to build a stronger and more inclusive community.

I invite your suggestions for future CCIE activities as well as any comments and/or suggestions you might have regarding the committee. Please feel free to email me at skier@stmarys-ca.edu.


Scott Kier
Dean of Students

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