Update on Fall 2013 Undergraduate Enrollment

As we head toward our final orientation and Weekend of Welcome, our traditional indicators of fall enrollment (commitment deposits, orientation program attendance, registration totals, summer melt and financial aid packaging totals) suggest that we remain on target to meet our new undergraduate student enrollment, net tuition budget and total undergraduate enrollment targets.

We began the summer with first-year student deposits at 642 as of July 1.  Summer “melt” is likely to be about 5%, considerably lower than the 8-10% of prior years. This should result in a first-year class of approximately 610. Transfer student admissions have fluctuated over the summer and will likely result in about 175 new transfer students. These data, combined with returning student registrations, suggest a total undergraduate enrollment around 2,860.

New student net tuition is on track to meet the College’s budget target of $25,033, with a non-athletic discount rate of 36.5%, slightly below the budget target of 37%. The proportion of new students who are Pell-eligible is expected to be 26%. All indications of student composition suggest a diverse entering class whose academic profile overall continues to rise.

Thank you to the staff, faculty and friends of Saint Mary’s who continue to make the College an attractive and rewarding place for students to pursue their passions.


Beth Dobkin