Update on H1N1 Flu Outbreak

Dear Saint Mary's Community,

I'm writing to provide additional information on the H1N1 flu at Saint Mary's. As a reminder, the SMC website provides regular updates. I will send out electronic communication if there are significant changes related to this illness.

The Health Center reports the identification of four probable H1N1 cases, although none have been confirmed by the Contra Costa Public Health Department. Three of our students have recovered from symptoms and have been cleared in time for finals, but approximately 15 students have been asked to remain at home until symptoms resolve.

Students who are symptomatic or have been identified as probable cases have been directed not to attend class. Academic Advising and Achievement is working with their instructors to provide support for finals week and final class projects so that they may successfully conclude the spring term.

Students or family members with questions about how the flu will effect Commencement are encouraged to check the Commencement website for information on precautionary measures being taken for this event.

As always, if you have further questions, don't hesitate to let me know or call our Health Center, (925) 631-4254. We continue to urge you to engage in actions to safeguard your health during these last days of our term.

Finally, we thank all of you who have shared concerns, who continue to work with our students during a stressful time and who continue to proactively work to protect the health of our SMC community.

All the best,
Jane Camarillo
Incident Management Team Chair
Vice Provost for Student Life