Updates on Students Impacted by Fires and Ways to Help

Dear Saint Mary's Community,

In the last days, we have confirmed how members of the SMC community have had a direct or related impact from the fires that are burning across the state and the area.  Thanks to all who have forwarded names of impacted students and their families and for those who participated in our prayer services this morning.  

I wanted to share some information on targeted ways that we are also trying to assist students and their families.  Prof. Shawny Anderson sent the information below:

"The SMC DIRT team is gathering information to assist specific families in targeted ways, including seeking clothing in particular sizes and selected household items to meet the needs of affected families.  They welcome help with: 1) seeking/organizing donated goods, 2) "adoption" of a specific family by a group or subgroup, or 3) raising money to fill gaps in donations.  There may be delays in the group's ability to take immediate action due to the continuing crisis on the ground.  To get involved with any of these efforts, please contact Shawny Anderson at sanderso@stmarys-ca.edu."

CILSA, Mission and Ministry, Sustainability Office will be collaborating with Professor Anderson in this relief effort.  

If you are seeking other ways to help, there is a helpful resource for Northern California at this link.  Please also remember our families impacted in Southern California (Anaheim fires) and beyond.

Additionally, I wanted to share with students or other community members that, due to the air quality, some folks who have upper respiratory issues may benefit from a dust mask. You can request dust masks in person from Facilities' Parts Department located in the basement of Madigan Gym. There is a limited supply so please check this out if you have been affected by the smoke in the area.

Again, thanks to those who have forwarded names of impacted students to our office. Please continue to do so as you become aware of a student who might need some additional assistance with contacting their faculty instructors or seeking out support during these troubling events.  

If you are a student who has been impacted, please know that there may be academic resources to assist at this time as well as resources in Student Life to support you. Feel free to contact me directly.


Jane Camarillo