U.S. Senate Debate Frequently Asked Questions

U.S. Senate Debate FAQs

Where can I get tickets?

• Audience seats for the senate debate are by invitation only and are no longer available to the public.

Are tickets available for Saint Mary's students?

• As the host of the debate, a portion of the seats in the audience have been reserved for members of the Saint Mary's College community. Faculty members, staff and students interested in attending the event will have the opportunity to participate in a lottery for debate tickets.

Where can I see or listen to the debate?

• The debate will be carried live Sept. 1 from 7-8 p.m. on Oakland-based KTVU Fox 2 Television; San Francisco's KQED Public Radio and will be streamed live on the internet on KTVU.com with links to the SFGATE.com and KQED.org.

• Is the College providing an on-campus public viewing of the debate?

Saint Mary's College is not offering an on-campus public viewing of the debate. The public is encouraged to watch or listen to the hour-long event via radio and television coverage. It is being offered live to all California Public Radio stations in addition to individual television stations in each of the state's 10 TV markets.

What is the debate format?

• The one hour debate will be held before a live audience in the College's LeFevre Theatre and it will be moderated by KTVU Political Editor Randy Shandobil. The candidates will take questions by three veteran political journalists, including San Francisco Chronicle Political Reporter Carla Marinucci, La Opinion Senior Political Reporter Pilar Marrero and KQED Public Radio Host Scott Shafer.

Who selected the debate participants?

Debate invitations were extended by the sponsoring media partners KTVU-Channel 2, KQED and the San Francisco Chronicle. Saint Mary's College is serving as the venue for the debate and was not involved in the selection process for the debate participants.

Where can the public get more information about the U.S. Senate election?

• Voters can find out more about the election by visiting the politics websites of KTVU-Channel 2, KQED and the San Francisco Chronicle. Voters can also learn more about the candidates by visiting the campaign websites for Democratic incumbent Barbara Boxer and Republican challenger Carly Fiorina.