USA Today, CNBC Interview SEBA's Kara Boatman About Growth of NFL Luxury Boxes

In a news story about the business of sports and Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis, USA Today and CNBC tapped Economics Professor Kara Boatman for insight on the growth of luxury boxes in National Football League stadiums. In the story “Luxury suites rule in professional sports revenue,” Boatman, who teaches in the School of Economics and Business Administration was interviewed about how the move toward more NFL luxury boxes —which account for 5 to 20% of a team’s revenue— impacted tickets for regular fans. "With more luxury suites, that meant fewer regular seats, and team owners raised prices to cover some of the cost of building the suites," Boatman remarks in the national news article. 

Date of Mention: 
Monday, February 6, 2012