Veronica Chung '08

'08 ChungVeronica has just returned home from teaching in Japan for two years with the JET (Japanese Exchange and Teaching) Program. She was able to bring to her teaching a creative and effective way to increase her student's motivation to learn and speak English. One of her major accomplishments was teaching and mentoring students for a national speech contest in Tokyo. For the first time in Awaji Island's history, two students, under Veronica’s leadership, won first and second place for the prefectural contests. She was also able to embrace the culture and learn some of the language by being involved in the community, teaching adult English conversation classes, for example. This opportunity allowed her to not only travel throughout Japan but also visit the Philippines, Taiwan and India. These many life experiences changed her life and benefited her students. To read more about her many adventures, see her blog at She is pictured enjoying time with her students. Veronica is pictured enjoying time with her students.