Budget Committee

The Budget Committee, which is advisory to the President, provides the means for institutional oversight through financial planning, coordination of budgets, and determining funding priorities.

Duties of the Budget Committee

The Budget Committee advises the President on budget policy and financial planning for the campus community and in these capacities will:

  • Develop and recommend annually a five-year budget assumption and projection model including tuition, room, board, and other revenue and expense increases or reductions for approval by the President and the Board of Trustees. The model should reflect institutional funding priorities and budgetary guidelines consistent with strategic institutional plans.
  • Make recommendations regarding the College’s budgetary processes.
  • Monitor budget performance and review business plans of existing and new units/programs.

Guidelines for the Budget Committee

  • To allocate resources in the best interest of the institution and as determined by the College's strategic planning processes.
  • To coordinate efforts with the Institutional Effectiveness Committee to assure adequate resources for strategic initiatives.
  • To communicate with the committees of the Board of Trustees to increase mutual understanding of strategic funding priorities.

Members of the Budget Committee

Each member of the Budget Committee has a continuing, individual charge to serve as the steward of the campus community as a whole and to avoid behaving as a partisan advocate. The Committee shall have the following members:

Vice President for Finance and Administration, Chair
Vice President for Advancement
(2) Academic Deans 
(3) Faculty Senate representatives
(1) Staff Council Chair and Immediate Past Chair
(2) Directors 
(1) Other Cabinet member
Associate Vice President for Finance/Controller

Administrative Support for the Budget Committee

The Assistant Controller/Budget Officer and the Director of Academic Budget and Planning shall provide administrative support for the Budget Committee.

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