Voice of Russia Taps SEBA's Gomez-Arias For Insight on Consumer Reactions to Tech Glitches by Apple and Google

The Voice of Russia’s American edition turned to SEBA Graduate Business Professor Tomas Gomez-Arias for insight on consumer reaction to technical glitches in the latest offerings from tech giants Apple and Google.

Gomez-Arias addressed problems early adopters of Apple's new iPhone 4S are encountering with the smartphone’s battery, operating system and other upgrades. Also discussed was a two-step by Google when the company discovered it had to work out a few bugs in a new iOS application of its own.

A professor of Marketing and Global Business, Gomez-Arias is also director of the Center for the Regional Economy at Saint Mary’s College, which examines the economic status of the East Bay area and the Pacific Rim

Date of Mention: 
Thursday, November 17, 2011