WCC Challenges Young Alumni

Story by Courtney Carmignani

Mariana Ramos Rodrigues '05 (left) pictured above with her Saint Mary's roommates Catherine Johnson, Courtney Carmignani, Therese Sweeney, and Cali Pratt (at bottom), all now young alums who have contributed to the College during the WCC Challenge

Recent graduates of Saint Mary's and its seven West Coast Conference (WCC) competitors have until next month to help their alma maters win a league-wide race to attract the most first-time donors.

The WCC Challenge was launched last fall as a way of increasing giving among an age group (early 20s to early 30s) that generally is underrepresented among all alumni donors. Information on the contest, including current rankings of all eight WCC member institutions, is available at www.wcc-challenge.org.

Mariana Ramos Rodrigues '05 likes the WCC Challenge because it focuses on the act of giving, not how much a person can afford to give. "I always thought that giving a gift meant I had to give a lot of money, but knowing that my participation alone can help the College proves I can give something within my means and still make a difference."

Alumni giving rates are usually expressed as a percentage of alumni who have donated within the last year, and are an important indicator of alumni loyalty and satisfaction with their alma mater. It is also among the criteria used by U.S. News and World Report in determining its annual rankings of colleges and universities.

Help Saint Mary's win the challenge—Log onto: