Website launch update, Oct. 21 2011

T-plus 7 days and counting...

Our new website's one week old today! I shall light a tiny candle in its honor, please don't hesitate to stage your own ritual of miniaturized celebration. For today's example we look at the "Working at SMC" area of the site, which rightly celebrates the high quality of our faculty and staff members in both images and text.

We also have a few more giddy responses from prospective students, including this particular on-the-cusp-of-college gentleman:

"Thanks for your email announcing the new St. Mary's website. I checked it out, and it looks great! The graphics and images are very well done, and the information about the school is easy to access. I am a senior at Junipero Serra High School, and recently met with Mr. Crisostomo during his visit to my school. I will be applying to St. Mary's for the Fall of 2012. The new website, together with the construction I saw during my visit to campus over the summer, make me even more excited about being a Gael."

That's quite fabulous, yes? I believe it's an example of the best possible response from a prospective student, and while I'm anything but an expert judge of academic potential, this young fella appears to be thoughtful, articulate, and engaged. In other words, he sounds like a Gael, and it's extremely gratifying to know that our new website is making a positive first impression on individuals like him.

Onward to week 2,