What Do Saint Mary's Students Think About the Jan Term Experience?

January Term, or Jan Term as it’s known around campus, is always a special time at Saint Mary’s. Students are given the chance to take one course for four weeks on any subject they want. Whether it’s traveling abroad to study art in Italy and France or staying right on campus to tackle climate change or learn the tango, Jan Term truly offers something for everyone. Here are some reactions and reflections from the students about their adventures in Jan Term.

Sierra Bailey, Freshman, Nursing Major
Toward a Sustainable Transportation Future
What are your expectations for Jan Term?
“I heard a lot about Jan Term before. An alumni panel said that Jan Term really changed their views. I definitely hope to travel because as a nursing student I only have two Jan Terms, so I am trying to make the most out of them.”


Omar Abdullah, Senior, Communication Major
Making a Documentary Video Performance

What has been the most memorable aspect of Jan Term for you?
“I would say it’s the mixing of students, getting to know people from all different disciplines. The theme is always interesting as well.”


Ross Venneberg, Senior, Music Major
Personal Finance for Life

As a senior, what would you say the best part about Jan Term is?
“I’m able to take a class unrelated to my major, which is nice because I’m a music major so I take a lot of music classes, but for this Jan Term I am taking a finance class, so it’s been really good to branch out and explore a new area.”


Drew Alemania, Freshman, Integral Major
Introduction to Fiction

What are you hoping to get out of Jan Term at Saint Mary’s?
“For this class I want to become a better writer since it’s creative writing. For other ones I want to travel and see other places out of the country.”


Matthew Jaeckle, Junior, Theology and Religious Studies Major
Women and the Bible

As a transfer student, what’s you first impression of Jan Term?
“Very special. You get to pick something that’s outside your major or a different area of study that people would never usually get to learn about or do.”


Deena Flores, Freshman, Chemistry Major

What is your favorite part about Jan Term?
“The best thing about Jan Term is being able to hang out with friends and have more time to study and focus on the one class that I’m taking.”


Samantha Fastiggi, Freshman, Nursing Major
Learning Contemporary Argentine Tango: A Holistic Approach
What motivated you to learn Tango for Jan Term?
“I really wanted to do something that I haven’t done before, try to challenge myself, but have fun at the same time.”


Joey Van Loon, Senior, Business Administration Major
A History of Harry Potter: What Bathilda Bagshot Never Got to Tell You (& How Myths are Made)

What are you taking for your last Jan Term?
“This year I’m in the Harry Potter class, which is fantastic. It’s kind of cool to see other people’s interpretations of Harry Potter and also to see other literary themes you would never think about when reading 'Harry Potter' for fun.”


Andrew Nguyen, Sophomore, Integral Major
The Inspired Inklings

What are your thoughts about Saint Mary’s offering something like Jan Term?
“I love Jan Term. For me personally, having a thing like Jan Term as opposed to a traditional semester school, having a whole month off, I just wouldn’t know what to do with myself. I was eager to get back and I enjoy being in an academic setting, especially with the uniqueness of the classes offered in Jan Term.”

Tommy Chambers, Senior, Physics Major

Sacrifice Across Borders
What are your thoughts as you complete your fourth and final Jan Term?
“It’s a great way to just get ready for the second semester. I’ve enjoyed Extreme Musicianship the most, playing music in class. Lino’s the best.”


Amy Gallagher, Freshman, Accounting Major
Nuns, Nightingales, and Nurses

What has your first experience of Jan Term been like so far?
“I’m an accounting major and am taking a class on the history of nursing. There are only five people in the class including me and everyone is really close now. It helps to make new friends. Jan Term is one of the reasons why I came here, honestly.”


Story and photos by Dan Murphy ’13