Where Do Economics Majors Land?

The newly formed Economics Club at the School of Economics and Business Administration held its first event on February 22- a mixer featuring alumni and faculty answering the question "Where Do Economics Majors Land?"  Moderated by Co-President Matt Soares, the event brought together over 30 students who came to hear about all the career paths an Economics degree can offer.

Wes Smith '66, majored in Economics at Saint Mary's but went into the high-tech industry, selling large-scale computers to government agencies and Fortune 500 companies. He shared many lessons and tips, and talked about how his Economics education helped him examine the big picture and see the economy through his clients' eyes. He also stressed the importance of communicating effectively and urged students to focus on refining their writing skills. "No matter how knowledgeable you are, if you cannot communicate it, it doesn't count", said Smith.

Clayton Sheridan, a 2010 Saint Mary's grad who double-majored in Economics and Finance, spoke about how he uses his Economics education as a consulting analyst at Accenture, a large global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company. He encouraged students to really take time to understand he principles of Economics because it will keep coming into play in their career. Sheridan also encouraged the students to get experience. "Experience in anything is a learning opportunity, even if what you learn is that you don't like what you're doing," he said. He shared his experiences working in a range of consulting roles at Accenture and highlighted the importance of connecting with the stakeholders in each organization and the importance of understanding the functionality and practicality of each role to the larger organization.

Many Saint Mary's Economics professors shared personal stories about how they ended up in Economics. Faculty member Steve Ballassi communicated his love for Economics, saying: "It's relevant. It's real. It's everything that is happening today and always. And it give you the ability to think beyond."

Sihang Chen, co-president of the Economics Club, which was launced at the beginning of the 2011-12 school year, said: "We are delighted to see such a strong showing of our classmates around the topic of economics. Our primary goal of the Economics Club is to encourage more people to learn more about the discipline, and to show that one can pursue any career with this degree."  To view photos of this event, click here.