Where is Albert Plus?

Something looks different on the homepage, but you are not sure what it is...

As of November 29th, 2017, our federated search Albert Plus has left our website.  Instead, in its place, is a different federated search called Multisearch.  It, like Albert Plus, also includes the library holdings so that you can still find books and ebooks while you are also looking for articles.


Go ahead and search Multisearch as you did Albert Plus.  We think you'll find that finding articles is simpler than ever.  Multisearch also makes it easier than ever to search using phrases to refine your search down easily.  (example: "death penalty" or "capital punishment" would allow those phrases to stay phrases.  Albert Plus did not have the capability).


A federated search engine is collection of the library subscribed databases-- in this case, over 100 of our databases are included in Multisearch.  That is a lot of articles and books!  


This is a time of transition, so please ask for help if you need it!