White House: President Biden Plans to Name María de la Concepción Hernández Legorreta ’08 to National Board for Education Sciences 

As a disability rights advocate and education consultant, she seeks creative solutions in working with blind individuals with diverse needs and backgrounds.

The White House issued a release on October 27 stating that President Biden intends to appoint Saint Mary’s graduate María de la Concepción Hernández Legorreta ’08 to the National Board for Education Sciences. As the release states:

María de la Concepción Hernández Legorreta (Conchita) is a disabled Latina immigrant. She grew up in California and now resides in Washington, DC. Hernández Legorreta worked in DC public schools as a teacher of blind students and is now the Maryland Blind and Low Vision Specialist overseeing the education of blind and low vision students through the Maryland State Department of Education and the Maryland School for the Blind. Her focus is on inclusion and high expectations. Hernández Legorreta conducts research in areas of education focusing on blind English Learners and students from underrepresented communities. Hernández Legorreta received her bachelor’s degree from Saint Mary’s College of California and her master’s degree from Louisiana Tech University. She is currently a Doctoral Candidate at George Washington University. Hernández Legorreta founded a non-profit organization, METAS, which works with Spanish-speaking communities in the United States and internationally in areas of education and policy. Hernández Legorreta has written and presented extensively around education, best practices, and accessibility in publications, including Oxford Press, Refinery 29, Allure Magazine, and the Disability Visibility Podcast.  

Conchita Hernández /
Hernández noted in a post on social media that she was “beyond humbled and honored” to be named to the board. At Saint Mary’s, Hernández earned her undergraduate degree in Global and Regional Studies with a concentration in Latin America.


The National Board for Education Sciences consists of 15 voting members appointed by the president of the United States. The board’s duties include advising the director of the Institute of Education Sciences and serving as a “board of directors” for the institute by approving or disapproving the institute’s priorities as proposed by the director. The board ensures that the priorities of the institute and the National Education Centers are consistent with the organization’s mission.

Read the full release from the White House here.

Date of Mention: 
Thursday, October 27, 2022