Faculty Colloquia

Would you like to present your research or scholarly work? Look for opportunities to discuss newfound findings in our departmental colloquium. 

The Women's and Gender Studies Colloquia Series supports faculty development and scholarship in the area of Women's Studies. If you have a paper for a conference, an article for a collection or journal, or a book chapter on a topic related to Women's and Gender Studies and theories of gender that you would like to share and present for feedback, let us know. Women's and Gender Studies will organize a colloquium for you.

You give us the following:

    • A time and date you are available for presentation;
    • A copy of the paper 10 days previous; and
    • A list of faculty you want invited to the colloquium (in addition to regular WS faculty).

We'll find a location, make the paper available to anyone who wants to read it, and provide the wine, cheese, and crackers. The faculty will show up, and you'll give a summary of the paper and receive constructive criticism. For more information, please Contact Us