Fall 2021 Course Offerings

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COMM 158 Brazilian Cinema
MWF 9:15-10:20
Samantha Joyce

Brazilian Cinema has enjoyed a new surge of international recognition since the early 2000s with films such as Central StationCity of GodElite Squad, and so forth. This course will focus on the distinctions and peculiarities of Brazilian Cinema. We will also look at the specific questions raised by Brazilian film makers in their productions about the distinct Brazilian reality, as well as broader questions about race, gender and class. Additionally, this course examines Brazilian film within a pan-American context that begins with a classic Brazilian film and concludes with Brazilian emerging influence on the global market. Thus, students will explore and examine a group of films coming out of Brazil from the1960s until the early 2000s. The goal of the course is to examine these movies as relevant films that stand on their own in history and contemporary cinema – and to discuss them as cultural, historical, political, and economic products that characterize and reveal aspects, sensibilities and points of view from the represented nation. Course fee: $50


HIST 181: Public History: Women in Wartime: Public Commemoration of Conflicts in the Pacific Rim
MWF 2:45-3:50
Elena Songster

The controversy surrounding the decision to install a statue in San Francisco commemorating “Comfort Women” in 2017 raises important questions about the ways that women’s experiences of wartime are both remembered and forgotten. The Bay Area is an integral part of the Pacific Rim and the conflicts that it has endured.  From early migrations, wartime industry construction, internment stations, military bases, refugee relief, and more, these many different vantage points and the ways they have been memorialized offer important perspectives on wars in the Pacific and their roles in our current cultural landscape. Students will analyze Bay Area memorials to wars in the Pacific, the history of the monuments, the history they portray, and the significance of this memory to our present day.  Students also will engage with community partners in projects that will raise awareness regarding the particular ways that female wartime experiences are remembered. Course fee: $30