Women's Club Volleyball Takes Second at Davis

11/4/2012- Davis, Calif The Saint Mary's Women's Club Volleyball team traveled to UC Davis this weekend for their first pre-season tournament. The Gael's had a fantastic showing, taking home the second place title in their pool of play.

Freshman Giuliana Carranza showed great promise at this tournament playing outside hitter. Leah Baptista and Gabby Petersen provided to be strong attributes for the SMC team in their first year at Saint Mary's. All three of these players have shown outstanding promise and a sharp eye on the court.

Sophomore Junee Ramos made a fantastic premiere as setter, commanding the team as captain through the tournament.  SMC's highlight of the day was a pivotal two game sweep over the University of Nevada Reno, who the Gaels will face again this year, in NCCVL league play.

Using this tournament strictly as a foundational experience, the Gael's look forward to improving this Sunday when they play USF in Madigan at 11 o'clock a.m. Come support your Women's Club Volleyball team!