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Drop-in Office Hours We will have daily virtual office hours. See the schedule below: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 1pm-5pm Tuesday and Thursday 9am-12 (noon) At that time, our student leaders are available to answer questions, make referrals, connect you with the professional staff of either the Center for Women & Gender Equity or the CARE Center.

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SCROLL AND SEE: CWGE Programs 2020-2021

Program Offerings for Spring for Gender Equity, Women’s History Month, and ‘First 50’ 


Jan. 8-May 31, 2021 New Works Festival: Our Gendered Present in Conversation with our Past 2020-2021 marks the 50th anniversary of women at Saint Mary's College. The SMC Theatre Program's New Works Festival invites our campus community to engage with this historical marker and share our own narratives related to gender. 

This on-demand film will include short original works, created by students of all gender identities, that center women (transgender and cisgender), non-binary, gender fluid, genderqueer, and gender variant characters and experiences. It is student directed, performed, and produced. It will premiere on Jan. 8th free of charge, although donations are welcome. For more info:

February 10---Coffee, Creativity and Community 7pm

Mayson Lord will lead students in an evening of creativity and community.

Sponsored by CWGE


Friday February 12 at 4pm 

Resiliency: Representing the best versions of ourselves

Maya Patel and members of the CWGE team will lead a workshop on resiliency.

This will be the launch of the resilience campaign that will lead to resiliency recognition later in the semester.

Sponsored by CWGE


February 17--Finding Your Love Language--Life Coaching with Sherry Ellingson

Life Coach Sherry Ellingson will guide us through a workshop that explores how we can identify love languages within ourselves and others and how we can use that awareness to be the best versions of ourselves. She will also share some meditative and yoga practices to help us stay centered.

Sponsored by CWGE


Friday February 19 at 4pm


February 24 7pm Remembering the Legacies

Wanda Johnson discusses the lives of Sandra Bland, Oscar Grant and others.

Sponsored by the Center for Women & Gender Equity and BSU


Friday February 26 at 4pm  From Student to Professor

Join Alum Professor Nicole Jackson who will share how her journey led her from being a student to being a scholar and professor, as she shares how she has navigated some of the challenges she’s experienced as a woman of color in higher education.


Dr. Jackson is an historian of the modern African Diaspora, Black social movements, and community activism, with a current focus on contemporary Black Britain. She is interested in everyday Black people’s work to expand the boundaries of social and political citizenship. She is also interested in the intersection between historical reality and representation in popular culture. Beginning in September 2017, Dr. Jackson became a regular contributor to Black Perspectives, the blog of the African American Intellectual History Society. While at SMC, Dr. Jackson participated in a summer study abroad program, which ignited her interest in Black British and the African Diaspora history, which has become the central focus of her research for her academic career.

Sponsored by the Center for Women & Gender Equity and CCIE




March 2   1:15 - 2:45pm  Jennie Stephen's on Diversifying Power

The climate crisis is a crisis of leadership. For too long too many leaders have prioritized corporate profits over the public good, exacerbating climate vulnerabilities while reinforcing economic and racial injustice. In this talk, author and energy expert Jennie Stephens will discuss her new book, Diversifying Power, which argues that the key to effectively addressing the climate crisis is diversifying leadership so that antiracist, feminist priorities are central.

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March 3   7pm   Women Advocating For Change in the Criminal Justice System

Join Porshe Taylor, Founder of Prison From The Inside Out Inc., Courtney Morris, Organizer with No Justice Under Capitalism and Wanda Johnson, Founder of the Oscar Grant Foundation to learn what inspired each of them to take actions and what types of change they are advocating for.

Sponsored by the Center for Women & Gender Equity


Friday, March 5th     12:30-1:30pm     Fearless Friday

Join the IC, Southern Asian Society, and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship as we celebrate Women’s History Month and the 50th anniversary of women attending SMC. Students, staff, and faculty are encouraged to come together in appreciation of the women within our SMC community and beyond with creative activities and the opportunity to win raffle prizes!

Sponsored by the IC, SAS, and Intervarsity


March 5 4pm Instituting Women Representation at SMC

Instituting Women Representation at Saint Mary’s College Museum of Art

In 2018 a study revealed only 11 percent of works in the nation’s major museum collections are works by women artists. Acknowledging this gender inequity, join the Saint Mary’s College Museum of Art (SMCMoA) in a discussion that addresses how museums can shift and reframe their operational and professional practices to enhance the voice and representation of women in the arts. With an emphasis on women as art collectors, artists in art history, writers and archivists, and contemporary artmakers, this discussion looks at how a small college art museum has examined its institutional history, collection practices, and exhibition curations to generate a richer, more inclusive history.

Sponsored by the CWGE, MoA, CCIE


March 6, 2021      Alumni Awards Details Forthcoming-Alumni Relations



March 10 1pm Wellness, Self Care & Empowerment For Communities of Color and Allies

Facilitated Discussion by Alyscia Cunningham, Author, Filmmaker & Photographer

Sponsored by BSU, Center for Women & Gender Equity, CCIE


March 10 7pm  Coffee, Creativity and Community

Sponsored by CWGE


Thurs. Mar 11        6:00pm-7:30pm    Film Discussion                      

This workshop will include a discussion of a short film made by BSU President Shilei Bell-Lipsey exploring the experiences and contributions of Black women at St. Mary’s College.  Filmmaker Shilei Bell-Lipsey will discuss her motivation for creating the film and how her process speaks to the 44 Days Theme of Telling Our Own Stories.


March 12th     4pm     Creeative Actions for Transformation: Spoken Word Workshops


March 17  1:00pm-2:00pm A Mother & Daughter’s Gender Identity Journey: Di’ara Reid and Betty Reid Soskin

In her early 60s, Di’ara Reid began a journey of transition that she says led her to her true self. Di’ara fathered four biological children and three step children and worked as a carpenter and a little league coach in earlier life. Di’ara will speak about her process of claiming the gender identity that best represents her and her lifetime activist 99-year old mother will speak about her journey of acceptance.

Sponsored by the Center for Women & Gender Equity and PRIDE 


March 17 7:00-8:00pm Gender Identity & Expression In Writing: With Professor Feito
What does our gender identity and gender expression have to do with the ways we show up in the world and how we are perceived by others? Join Professor Feito of the Psychology  and Women’s and Gender Studies department for a workshop on gender identity and expression! We will discuss a short reading that explores the spectrums of gender and share our interpretations. This is a space to share our experiences, ask questions, and learn all about how ourselves and others experience gender. 

Sponsored by the CWGE and PRIDE


March 19 6:00pm Representations of Hope & Resiliency--Our Voices: Our Stories 

CWGE Team Lead Maya Patel will host and guide us in an open-mic spoken word event as part of the One Billion Rising Campaign


March 20 - Representations  Symposium & Retreat

Join the Center for Women & Gender Equity, the Museum of Art, the Campus Committee for Inclusive Excellence and South Asian Student Association for a day of exploring representations of ourselves, of each other and of art. Life Coach Sherry Ellingson will lead participants in a visioning workshop. Award-winning Author Mitali Perkins will lead a writing session called “How to Write a Memory while Honoring our hyphenated identities. The Art History Babes will explore the theme of representations through art.


Wed, Mar 24        1:00-2:15pm       

Activism and Advocacy: Past Present & Future        Robin Dunn & Shilei 

  • Link:

  • This event explores the divergent paths of activism pursued by Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr.  In conversation, the c0-facilitators will consider the extent to which their quest for human dignity and social justice has progressed since the Jim Crow era. They’ll also ask what needs to happen now: to sustain that progress, alter the political landscape, and realize lasting systemic change.  With Robin Dunn & Shilei Bell-Lipsey (BSU President) Co-sponsor: Seminar Informal Curriculum


Wed, Mar 24, 7:00pm Embracing Age

In her new book Embracing Age: How Catholic Nuns Became Models of Successful Aging, Anna I. Corwin reveals that human aging is not simply a biological process, a ticking on of years and wrinkling of skin. The physical experience of aging is shaped by what aging means to us. The cultural context in which one is embedded shapes each of our aging trajectories. By examining Catholic nuns, a group that ages with grace and positive health outcomes, Corwin shows how specific cultural practices shape the process of growing older. In Embracing Age, Corwin reveals the connections between culture, language, and the experience of aging.


Wed, April 7th 7pm

The Wage Gap: Gender & Race

The wage gap in the country widens as we factor in various aspects of identity. This workshop will help us deepen our understanding and look at how these systemic factors relate to struggles ranging from food and housing insecurity to threats of poverty.

Sponsored by the CWGE

Wed, April 14  7pm Communication: Setting Boundaries & Effectively Communicating
Life coach Sherry Ellingson will lead participants through a series of yoga and meditative practices before discussing how to honor ourselves with the boundaries we set and how to honor others by communicating effectively.
Sponsored by the CWGE and CARE Center

Wed April 21st 7pm Perceptions: Moving Beyond Victim Blaming
How do our perceptions impact the way we treat others and the way we show up in any given situation? From racial profiling to the way we respond to victims of gender-based violence, perceptions left unchecked can contribute to the stereotypes to acts of violence to victim blaming. Join Wanda Johnson, Executive Director of the Oscar Grant Foundation, and Cynthia Peterson, Executive Director of Community Violence Solutions, in this conversation about intersectional dynamics of perceptions as they relate to our gender, racial, and intersectional identities, and ways that we can challenge ourselves and our communities to be allies to each other.
The event will be facilitated by Community Engagement Students in partnership with CWGE Director Sharon Sobotta and CARE Director Megan Gallagher.


Wed, April 28th Watch & Sip: Chanel Miller Animated Short Videos and Discussion Virtual Program

Join SMC’s SCAAR leaders, Kulia Osborne ‘22 and Sam Newman ‘21, in a viewing and discussion of the inspirational animated shorts created by Chanel Miller detailing the aftermath of her experience as a sexual assault survivor.  First 5 students to log into event receive a copy of “Know My Name” book by Chanel Miller.
Sponsored by: CWGE/CARE/SCAAR

May 5th 7pm  Coffee, Creativity and Community

Sponsored by CWGE


Family Time on Mondays at Noon -

Are you trying to study or work at home while also trying to care for children? Join us each week for an all-ages story or activity relating to multiculturalism, gender equity, mindfulness, community, nourishment or creativity and a check in time

Wednesdays with Wanda Johnson at 7pm -

Civic Engagement/Voting-Overcoming Racial Injustice

After losing her son, Oscar Grant at the hands of BART Police Officer Johanes Mehserlee in 2009, Wanda Johnson dedicated her life to advocating for a more just world that is free of racism, racial profiling and police brutality. This year Wanda Johnson is the social justice practitioner in residence for the Center for Women & Gender  Equity. She will lead and facilitate monthly workshops on how to effectively make our voices be heard in our quest for a world that is free of racism, sexism and oppression. 

Heartwork on Fridays from 4-5pm -

Heartwork is the work that we are passionate about, inspires us, makes us happy--work that comes from the heart. Join us on Fridays for student-led activities showing off our various heartwork interests.



September 9: The Politics of Voting: A Racial/Gender Justice Perspective-Wanda Johnson

Voting is a duty and a right that has not been equally afforded to Americans throughout history. Learn from the past to advocate for a more equitable, just future--Wanda Johnson, mother of Oscar Grant.


October 7: Current Topix: What's in the news & what's not

What can we learn from this moment in time? How does gender and racial justice show up in the news? How do we get engaged?


November 11: What's Next? A post-election discussion on staying engaged



Caring for ourselves, our communities and our world in uncertain times

Life Coaching & Yoga with Sherry Ellingson

Sept. 16, Oct 14, Nov 18 at 7pm

Resiliency Workshops & Art Nights 7pm 

Sep 2, Sep 23, Sep 30, Oct 21, Oct 28, Nov 4


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