Mozilla Thunderbird Version 17

Mozilla Thunderbird Version 17


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Need a cleaner way to access your email without the hassle of overloading your web browser? Need something to replace your old email client so that you can move on from the Outlook era? How about something that can powerfully sort your email and search using advanced algorithmic heuristics? Mozilla Thunderbird is the program for you.

As a downloadable email client, it has compatibility with any email service and will be able to individually organize your inbound emails in separate folders. Need to synchronize your personal Hotmail or Gmail account in the same program as your work email? No problem. Thunderbird takes care of you by sorting by email account first, before any fancy date or size stuff. Worried about spam? Thunderbird's built-in anti-spam software is some of the strongest on the market, and it'll play nice with any other spam-guards you may have on your computer or built in to the email service. Unhappy with the boring nature of the program? Thunderbird's got the capability to add extensions, just like Mozilla's more widely known web browser, Firefox.

Need to upgrade from an older software? No problem. Thunderbird will automatically detect other mail software and ask you if you want to migrate all your old information, transferring it from your previous software and applying your settings, including the look of your old program if you so desire.

If you're used to tabbed browsing as present in modern web browsers like Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, you'll be familiar with tabbed email in Thunderbird. You can view multiple messages without needing to scroll up and down your inbox to cross-reference each one - just click a message, open it in a new tab, click another message, open that one in a new tab, then switch between the tabs to check your information.

You can download the newest Thunderbird here.


A full list of the features for Thunderbird can be found here.

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