Course Descriptions

Japanese students showing off what they learned!
A list of all Undergraduate courses in Japanese.

Elementary Japanese I provides the basic skills to communicate in Japanese. You will be able to read and write two Japanese alphabets (Hiragana and Katakana), as well as count numbers, introduce yourselves, make phone calls, shop, ask and answer directions and locations and order food and drinks.  

Communicative ability is the focus of the course. Imagine your sense of achievement, reading strange symbols and making basic conversation in just one short month.
Prerequisite Grade

All prerequisites must be passed with a grade of C- or better.

Lower Division

1 Elementary Japanese
For students with no prior knowledge of Japanese. Students learn basic grammar and sentence structure and the two phonetic alphabets, as well as common Japanese expressions and vocabulary.

2 Continuing Elementary Japanese
For students with one or two years of secondary study of Japanese (or the equivalent). Extends the study of basic grammar and topically specific vocabulary, and introduces some Kanji characters. Prerequisite: Japanese 1 or equivalent.

3 Intermediate Japanese
For students with two or three years of secondary study of Japanese (or the equivalent). Introduction of more complex grammar and idioms, and additional Kanji characters. Emphasis on extending competence in oral and written communication. Prerequisite: Japanese 2 or equivalent.

4 Continuing Intermediate Japanese
For students with three or four years of secondary study of Japanese (or the equivalent). Along with a review of grammar structures, this course gives increased attention to improving communicative skills. Students completing this course are ready to combine and apply their language skills in most settings. Prerequisite: Japanese 3 or equivalent. This course satisfies the Community Engagement requirement of the Core Curriculum.

6 Conversation (.25)
An intermediate course focused on conversational communicative skills. Students practice situationally grounded conversation and develop speech skills through discussion. May be repeated for credit as content varies.

7 Introduction to Japanese Culture (.25)
An introductory survey of interesting aspects of Japanese culture. Taught in English. Students enrolled in Japanese 1 or 2 are expected to take Japanese 7 concurrently with either Japanese 1 or 2. May be repeated twice for credit as content varies.

197 Special Study 
An independent study or research course for students whose special needs cannot be met by regular courses offered by the department. Permission of the instructor and department chair required.

198 Language Studies Capstone (.25)
An independent project integrating language and culture designed in consultation with an instructor in  student's language studies area.