Minor Requirements

The East Asian Studies Minor (Japanese Language) requires a total of 8.75 courses.

You will be amazed to realize, and inspired knowing that, you can survive and thrive in Japan!

Class activities inspire a love of language and culture.  We watch animation films, taste snacks, sing in Japanese, take a field trip to a Japanese restaurant to order in Japanese, and act in and film skits and share awards, with prizes at the end.

Lower Division: 4.50 courses

  • Japanese 1: Elementary Japanese
  • Japanese 2: Continuing Elementary Japanese
  • Japanese 3: Intermediate Japanese
  • Japanese 4: Continuing Intermediate Japanese (or equivalent)
  • Japanese 6: Conversation
  • Japanese 7: Introduction to Japanese Culture (one conversation course and one culture course at .25 credits each).

Upper Division: 4.25 courses

  • Select upper division courses focusing on aspects of East Asian culture, literature, film, history, politics, art, music, etc.

(including ML 198, a .25 credit capstone course).