Minor Requirements

learn japanese
The East Asian Studies Minor (Japanese Language) requires a total of 9.75 courses.

You will be amazed to realize, and inspired knowing that, you can survive and thrive in Japan!

Class activities inspire a love of language and culture.  We watch animation films, taste snacks, sing in Japanese, take a field trip to a Japanese restaurant to order in Japanese, and act in and film skits and share awards, with prizes at the end.

Lower Division: Japanese 1/81, 2/82, 3/83, 4/84; and a minimum of one conversation course (Japanese 6) and one culture course (Japanese 7) (.25 credits each). 


Upper Division requirements include four full credit courses focusing on aspects of East Asian culture, leterature, film, history, politics, art, music, etc., and 196 (a .25 capstone course)