Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Language Placement Exam
  1. Why do I have to take the online placement exam?
    All students at Saint Mary's College must demonstrate an intermediate level (003) of foreign language proficiency prior to graduation. You must take the online placement exam to determine the most suitable course for your proficiency level. The Department of World Languages and Cultures offers online placement exams for French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish. 
  2. When should I take the online placement exam?
    First-year students should take the exam prior to Friday, July 24, 2015. Other students (second through fourth year) may take the online placement exam throughout the year. We encourage all students to complete the language requirement by the end of their sophomore year.
  3. How do I log on to the exam?
    You will need to provide your complete name and the access code for the exam. Please contact Dr. Maria Luisa Ruiz at placementandproficiencydml@stmarys-ca.edu for the appropriate code.
  4.  How long does the placement exam take?
    The exam is untimed, but it typically takes about 40 minutes to complete, and it must be done in one sitting. Take all the time you need, but be aware that after 5 minutes on the same test item, the system will display the following message: “The system will log you out in 5 minutes. If you need additional time, please click here.” Clicking the button will give you an additional five minutes before the message appears again. 
  5. How and when do I know my score?  Your score will be sent directly to, Dr. Maria Luisa Ruiz, Placement and Proficiency Coordinator, within five working days. She will notify you directly with your results.
  6. Do I have to take the placement exam in the language that I took in high school?
    No. If you intend to study a language different from the one you took in high school, you may enroll in level 001 and do not have to take the placement exam. If you wish to study the same language you took in high school, you must take the placement exam.
  7. Can I consult a dictionary or grammar text while taking the exam?
    No. All students taking this exam are expected to adhere to the Saint Mary's Student Honor Code. It is very important that you do your best on this exam without help or the use of reference materials, including dictionaries, textbooks, or software applications. In order to make good judgments about your placement, we need accurate information about your language knowledge and proficiency. When you decide to take the exam, please be sure to find a quiet, distraction-free environment. 
  8. Do I need to study before I take the test?
    No. Accurate initial placement is a key factor in successfully learning a foreign language. The online placement exam is a diagnostic tool to determine your overall ability level. It will ensure that you enroll in the class best suited to your language skills. It in no way affects your GPA and will not appear on your academic record. 
  9. Can I take the online placement exam in any language? 

    No. The online exam is available in French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish. 

  10. What if I am proficient in a language that is not offered at Saint Mary’s?
    A proficiency exam in any language other than English can be taken through the Department of Modern Languages to satisfy the language requirement. Contact Dr. Maria Luisa Ruiz at placementandproficiencydml@stmarys-ca.edu for further information.
  11. Am I required to enroll in the course as suggested by my score?
    Although we highly recommend that you enroll in the course indicated by your placement score, you may enroll in a course above or below your suggested level. You should not, however, enroll in a level 001 course unless you have had little or no contact with the target language.
  12. What happens if I score very high on the placement exam?
    If you achieve a high score on the placement exam, our Placement and Proficiency Coordinator will help to determine your appropriate placement. Please note: a placement of 004 or higher does not indicate that you have satisfied the language requirement. It does, however, qualify you to take an oral and written proficiency exam to verify your ability level. If the proficiency exam confirms an ability beyond level 003, you will have met the College's language requirement. If it does not, the Placement and Proficiency Coordinator will place you in the appropriate level.
  13. What do I do if my computer crashes while I am taking the online placement exam? 
    It is important that you double check
     the readiness of the computer you will be using for the test.  Please read the Avant Technology Guide and complete all preparation steps.  Go to https://placement.avantassessment.com/placement/do/studentlogin and click Technology Check. Be sure to remember to enter your complete name – if you lose connection or stop the test, you will have to reenter your name exactly as you did the first time to resume where you left off.
  14. Do I need to keep track of my own score?
    No. The Placement and Proficiency Coordinator will have access to all scores and placement information.
  15. After taking the placement exam, whom should I contact if I have any further questions? 

    Contact Dr. Maria Luisa Ruiz at placementandproficiencydml@stmarys-ca.edu

  16. What if need special accommodations to take the Foreign Language Placement Diagnostic Exam? Please contact the Office of Student Disability Services at (925) 631-4358. 

  17. What if I experience technical difficulties?  If you are taking the exam on campus, please contact the Service Desk at (925) 631-4266. Please make sure to review the Avant Technology Guide for additional information before starting the test.