Learning Outcomes

After successfully completing levels 1–3, students will be able to...
  • Understand and produce speech in a variety of personal and social contexts; initiate and sustain conversations about multiple topics in the past, present and future tenses. 
  • Read and comprehend texts with varied subject matter, multiple points of view and verb tenses. 
  • Write prose that includes description and narration on a variety of topics with varied vocabulary.
  • Provide interpretations and supporting ideas. 
  • Exhibit understanding and demonstrate knowledge of cultural, geographical, historical, and sociopolitical aspects of other societies. 
  • Demonstrate an ability to see the world from multiple perspectives and become aware of themselves as members of the global community.

Students graduating with a language/literature major or minor are expected to be able to:

  • Converse with other speakers of the target language on a variety of topics.
  • Read and understand expository prose.
  • Write coherent, grammatically correct essays on a variety of topics.
  • Be familiar with the culture, history and literature of the countries whose language is under study.
  • Engage in literary analysis (using the correct literary terminology, grammar, stylistic requisites) by writing clear and well-organized compositions.

Students graduating with an Italian studies minor, German studies minor, or Asian studies minor will be able to:

  • Converse using the present, past, and future tenses in everyday situations.
  • Demonstrate satisfactory reading and writing skills.
  • Engage the target culture through various disciplines, including politics, economics, anthropology, history, literature, and art.